Golf Counterfeiting Mastermind Pleads Guilty

From the BBC:

Man admits fake golf clubs plot

A man from east London has admitted masterminding a multi-million pound global fake golf club business.

Gary Bellchambers, 45, of Rainham, headed an operation which affected almost every major brand in the sport, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Bellchambers and two others admitted conspiracy to distribute golf clubs, clothing and other related items.

EBay’s fraud investigation unit regard it as the largest counterfeiting scheme it has uncovered, the court heard.

Keith Thomas, 49, also of Rainham, and Chris Moughton, 56, of Hayfield Avenue, Blackpool, also admitted conspiracy. Bellchambers further admitted two counts of unauthorised use of trademarks.

The BBC reports says that the operation on Ebay involved perhaps millions of pounds worth of merchandise. A million pounds right now is $1.6 million, so that’s a lot of money

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