Golf Cross Offers New Approach To Sport

imageA New Zealand entrepreneur has invented a new form of golf called Golf Cross which features a football shaped ball and goal posts instead of a hole.

Due to its egg shape, the GolfCross ball flies perfectly straight when placed upright in its special rubber tee cup, essentially making a hook or slice impossible. A player can fade or draw the ball by angling it to the side or perform such unlikely maneuvers as a snake shot, which propels the ball one way in the air and the reverse on landing.

The scoring system is the same as traditional golf, though there are some different rules. For instance, a player whose ball lands in the yard—a designated area around the goal—can angle the goal opening to make his opponent’s final shot more difficult.

Inventor Burton Silver has made a career out of thinking with the right side of his brain. He’s also the author of book such as “Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics,’’ “Kokigami: The Intimate Art of the Little Paper Costume,’’ a description of Japanese paper decoration for the genitals, and `“The Naughty Victorian Hand Book: The Rediscovered Art of Erotic Hand Manipulation.’‘

Hoo boy.

The big advantage of the game is that they’re smaller, can cost as little as $100,000 and require much less maintence.

While odd, this appeals to me much more than Frisbee golf.

More in the Bloomberg News

3 thoughts on “Golf Cross Offers New Approach To Sport”

  1. Maybe you just haven’t given Disc Golf (it’s true name btw) a fair shake.

    Being an avid golfer and disc golfer I can tell you that both have their positives and negatives.

    Disc golf has a lower initial entrance cost (You can get away with 1 disc, but that’s no fun smile I carry close to 20 for different shots and distances).  It’s free to play in close to 95% of the over 2500 courses nationwide.

    I took up disc golf when I was in college because I just couldn’t afford greens fees.

    It quickly became an obsession. Now after 12 years and playing in 2 world championships, I would have to say that it can be more fun than normal golf (although now that I can afford real golf again, my disc golf has suffered some as I work on getting 12 years of rust off).

    Thinking that disc golf uses a regular frisbee is another common misconception.  Discs are significantly heavier, (range from approx 135g to 200g depending on the class of disc) and involve lot of research in plastics and aerodynamics.

    If your ever in the area and don’t mind playing with a duffer, I can take you out for not only a rousing round of golf (Des Moines does sport the oldest municipal golf course west of the Mississippi as well as some other quality courses) but maybe introduce you to disc golf properly.


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