Wie To Concentrate on LPGA

Michielle Wie apparently will skip her spring semester at Stanford and concentrate on rebuilding her LPGA resume.

Wie, who skidded badly through an embarrassing and injury-wracked 2007 season, will skip the spring semester at Stanford and play against the women in an attempt to resuscitate her once-limitless fortunes, her coach said Thursday.

“I think she just wants to reestablish herself,” said David Leadbetter, who is in the midst of a 10-day teaching session with his prized pupil. “Obviously, after such a terrible year, her biggest goal needs to be getting her form and confidence back. You do that brick by brick.

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2 thoughts on “Wie To Concentrate on LPGA”

  1. Not that I don’t think that some time in college would not really help her maturity and linguistic prowess—but I actually think this is good news. 

    That is IF she is going to stay out of the men’s business until she has established herself.  Hopefully given the passage of time, we won’t be seeing Wie’s every shot on the LPGA, unless she starts getting in the running.

  2. I cant believe how much she has got in terms of money and publicity without many achievements. I prefer to see a bad swinging achiever than an underachiever with a great swing.


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