Golf Digest’s Testing Confirms GolfBlogger’s Feelings About The Wilson Duo

The latest issue of Golf Digest has the results of tests conducted on the latest crop of golf balls. The data conforms what I’ve thought all along about the Wilson Staff Duo : a very low driver spin rate. That’s the reason, I think, that I get so much distance off the tee. The only bargain ball with a lower drive spin rate was the Top Flite Gamer, but that ball has significantly less spin off the wedge. The Duo is no whirling dervish, but it is tops among bargain balls. The other $20 and under balls have both less driver and less wedge spin rates.

Sometimes your gut feelings are right.

The other ball I might consider is the Callaway HEX Diablo, which according to the chart has a slightly higher wedge spin rate and about the same driver spin.

In the $21 – $36 dollar range, the Callaway Hex Chrome looks like it might satisfy my need for a low driver spin ball. At the highest end, the low spin winner is the Srixon Z-Star XV

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