Golf Games: 1-2-3 Best Ball

In this classic game, each member of the team plays his own ball and on each hole, the lowest score among the four is recorded. For a casual golf outing, however, the best ball format suffers from a critical flaw: one player invariably seems to carry the team. The “A” player plays his heart out, and the others, realizing their ball isn’t likely to count go lackadaisically through the motions. I’ve been on both sides of that equation.

A solution is the 1 – 2- 3 Best Ball format. In this best ball game, the lowest score on the team counts on the first hole. On the second, the lowest two scores are recorded. And on the third, the lowest three. On hole four, the cycle starts over again. One Two Three Best Ball can help breathe new life into a staid outing.

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  1. How do you score 1-2-3 when there is a threesome in a group of foursomes? They have one less score to pick from. Thank-you.


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