Golf Games: Mulligans, No Alibis, Criers and Whiners

Golf Games Pick Up SticksMulligans, No Alibis, Wipe Out, Play It Again and Criers and Whiners all are names for the same game, in which players’ ability levels are equalized by giving a set number of mulligans to the weaker players.

This works best if the players involved each has a recognized handicap. In Mulligans, players get a number of mulligans equal to their handicap differential. Suppose that A, the best player, is a 10, while B, C and D are 14, 16 and 24, respectively. B would get four mulligans; C, six and; D, 14.

Mulligans makes it a little more difficult on the higher handicapper since they don’t automatically get the stroke advantage on the more difficult holes. They have to actually make a decent shot.

On the other hand, it offers benefits if a player has trouble with a certain type of hole or shot. For example, if a player (like myself) has trouble on the par 3s, he has a chance to replay on those holes, rather than just getting a stroke on the highest rated holes.

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