Golf Games: One Putt or Putt for Dough

In this golf game, players score points for holing out on the first putt.

Once all players are on the green, distances to the hole are evaluated. If the player furthest away one-putts, he scores four points. The next closest then has a chance to one-putt for three points; then the next for two, and the closest to the hole for one point.

If a player holes out from off the green, he scores five points. A player who three putts is penalized 1 – 3 points, as agreed upon before the round.

One Putt can be played for fun, or as a betting game. In the latter case, a previously agreed amount will be paid to the winner based on the difference in the total scores.

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3 thoughts on “Golf Games: One Putt or Putt for Dough”

  1. Question-

    Threesome, A is farthest out, B is second, C is third.  Then this sequence happens

    1) A putts and ends up between B and C’s distance.

    2) B holes it

    3) A holes it

    4) C holes it

    Is it B gets 3, A gets 2, C gets 1?

  2. Next question-

    A is on the fringe, and putts to get it on the green, same thing, he is now between B and C.

    Everyone makes their putts.


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