Golf Joke: Tiger At The Masters

During the first round of the Masters, Tiger’s playing partners, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Sang-Moon Bae both notice that he has a pair of women’s thongs protruding from his left sleeve. Not wanting to see Tiger become the target of even more media ridicule, they take him aside after Flowering Peach (the third hole).

“Tiger,” Jimenez says. “I don’t know if you realize it, but you’ve got some bimbo’s thongs stuck to your sleeve.”

Tiger just laughed. “Oh, it’s ok.” he said. “I’m on the patch.”

I just made this up, so if it’s not funny, I’m entirely to blame. It’s modified from another joke I heard:

Two rednecks are speeding while drinking and driving down a country road. A state trooper pulls them over.

“Quick,” Jimbo says to Billy Bob. “Pull a couple of labels off those beer bottles.”

Jimbo does, and Billy Bob slaps one on his shoulder.

The Trooper steps up to the car. “You boys been drinking?” he asks.

“It’s ok, officer,” said Billy Bob as he pulled up his sleeve. “I’m on the patch.”

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2 thoughts on “Golf Joke: Tiger At The Masters”

  1. Hmmm, I think I’ve heard funnier! On the other hand, you have to admit the whole Tiger Woods debacle lends itself to joke upon joke. Too bad they’re all at the expense of his wife and children (could care less about Tiger, given what he has done).

  2. Your obsession with criticizing Tiger Woods is getting extremely annoying. If he was winning the tournament going away, you’d be criticizing the TV networks for focusing too much on him. Lame. Lame. Lame.


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