Tiger Kicks His Club

Not pretty. It says a lot about Tiger’s state of mind right now.

A New York Times column on the incident: Tiger’s Display An Embarassment To The Game

Note: I have been receiving criticism about this post. “Tiger was just letting out his frustration at a bad shot. Leave him alone” is the tenor of the comments via this site and email. To this, I point to his playing partner Miguel Angel Jimenez. When MAJ put a ball in the water, he did not kick a club. The guy just watched it go and then moved on.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Kicks His Club”

  1. I play golf all the time … several times a week in fact. I have never, ever, kicked a club or thrown a club or banged a club on the ground in anger. The worst I have ever done is say a bad word or two—and that is rare indeed. I do hit bad shots on a regular basis, but I know that is part of the fun and challenge of the game. A bad shot puts me in an interesting situation from which I face the fun challenge of extricating myself.

    As for the two years ago part … the club kicking was yesterday. I find it unacceptable, and if I caught any player on my team doing such a thing, he would be kicked off the course immediately.

    I think at one time Tiger had the potential to be the best to ever play the game. He may yet fulfill that promise.

  2. I can’t believe the old guard at the Masters who found Gary McCord’s bikini wax comment offensive doesn’t have a problem with Tiger’s bad behavior. He is not respecting the tournament or his fellow players. It’s sad that a game that prides itself on manners and integrity turns a blind eye to this kind of behavior.

  3. Have you ever played golf before? It’s a very frustrating game. Tiger should be able to release some anger on the course just like every other golfer. Stop focusing on an event that happened over 2 years ago, that’s the past, this is now. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer to play the game!

  4. Thankfully, Tiger’s little club kick here wasn’t like what happened a couple years or more back:

    The first of those club throws really could have injured someone.  I just read a story that Tiger may get fined by the PGA for what happened yesterday.  I am a little unsure of how that is- the Masters is not a PGA event – but I would think that Augusta National probably may fine Tiger for that, and probably already has. 

    I do think there is a difference between club slamming and throwing.  When you maintain full control of the club, and don’t slam with enough force to break the club, then no one is in danger.

    Also, the PGA could very easily remedy this behavior if it wasn’t Tiger Woods doing it more often than anyone.  Just make a rule that throwing your club in anger like this takes the club out of play for the remainder of the round.

    BTW 110 rounds last year, and so far 27 rounds this year, zero clubs thrown in anger.  I cannot say the same for my utterance of some highly technical 4-letter golf terms.


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