Golf League Software?

I find myself in charge of the teacher’s golf league this year, and in need of some league management software.

The guys want me to track handicaps, skins, as well as league rankings. We have two person teams, best ball as our regular format. I’d like to be able to post the results here on this blog.

Anyone out there have experience with such? Even better: is there a company with a first class system that they’d let me test drive in exchange for a post or two or three?

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3 thoughts on “Golf League Software?”

  1. Hi Tony and Steve,
    Please check out our golf league program.
    Our site is called
    We are more than happy to provide you with technical support and set-up. We can do it as a free service provided that you can share your experience with it to other golfers and tour organizers that may need it.
    Please feel free to reach out to me at my email . . .
    [email protected] or call me at 650-619-6779


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