Golf Show This Weekend At The Gibraltar Trade Center

My Michigan readers may be interested in knowing that there’s a golf show this weekend at the Taylor Gibraltar Trade Center.

For those out of the area, the Gibraltar Trade Center is a vast warehouse building that houses an indoor weekend “public market.” That’s like a flea market, but without the garage sale implications. Inside the building are dozens and dozens of small booths (and a few large ones) run by entrepreneurs on the weekends. There’s a reptile pet supply store, for example, and a cell phone accessories store, tattoo parlors, a doll shop, crafts, leather goods, knives, tools, and so on. Each has a specialty.

The Trade Center also hosts trade shows in its twin 50,000 square foot show areas. Over the course of the year, they’ll hold computer shows, golf shows, knife shows, gun shows and so on. The golf shows usually are composed of a dozen or so vendors, mostly carrying closeouts and second- and third-tier manufacturer products. Occasionally, you’ll find a bargain, however.

4 thoughts on “Golf Show This Weekend At The Gibraltar Trade Center”

  1. Many golfers frequent the annual Michigan Golf Show to make a purchase.  While I have bought a few things over the years, I tend to just wander around and soak in the golf ambiance.  In a previous blog, the Golf Blogger had a good description of my typical golf show.  At the end of my visit I usually have signed up for a dozen contests, have a pocket full of tees, and a plastic bag filled with 20 pounds of brochures (which I eventually recycle).  Some might describe the entire process as a waste of time and money.  Still, for me, the Golf Show has become a part of the ritual for the opening of the golf season.

    The long,harsh Winter has really stoked my passion for the new golf season.  The warmer weather can’t get here soon enough.  Next weekend’s golf show won’t cure my golf fever, but it might drop my temperature a few degrees.


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