GolfBogger Is Named Official Golf Bog of LIV

GolfBogger Is Named Official Golf Bog of LIV

April 1, 2023 — In a groundbreaking agreement designed to grow the game of golf, LIV golf has signed GolfBogger.Com as the official bog of the exhibition league.

“We are excited to make a lot more money while bogging less,” said GolfBogger Chief Content Officer Alan Smithee. “The LIV model of more for less is really attractive.”

“I knew from the moment I had dinner with the GolfBogger team in the Bahamas that they were the one to watch,” said Greg Norman, LIV Golf CEO. “We are thrilled to add the bog to the LIV swamp.”

Going forward, GolfBogger.Com staff will publish bog articles on all of LIV’s groundbreaking contributions to golf and humanity. Under-reported stories by the corrupt golf media include LIV’s multi-billion-dollar charitable contributions addressing critical worldwide issues such as hunger in under-developed nations, petroleum-free green energy, freedom of the press, stolen elections, insider trading, problem gambling and underpaid millionaires.

“We feel as though bogging about LIV can be a force for change in human rights, election security and other critical issues around the world. We’re just not going to do it in Saudi Arabia or anywhere near one of their embassies” said Smithee.

As part of the agreement, the GolfBogger team will employ Truth Social to send out official LIV “Truths” currently only pushed by LIV contractors on Twitter. Among the factually accurate tweets published by @LIV Golf Nation’s Latest Insider that will be amplified on Truth are:

  • “Literally no one is watching the PGA TOUR. Everyone is watching LIV.”
  • “Real golf fans watch LIV”
  • “LIV golf’s viewership for the first two events were better than anything the PGA Tour has had in a decade.”
  • “Everybody loves LIV Golf. There is no questioning that. Don’t let the corrupt golf media tell you otherwise.”
  • “Without Phil and Bubba, the PGA TOUR is the JV team.”
  • “When Phil Mickelson is in the zone, he can hit shots no one else could ever dream of hitting, including Tiger Woods.”
  • “The best players in the world are all now on LIV.”
  • “Giving Tom Kim a presser at The Masters while shunning 3-time Green Jacket winner Phil Mickelson is a crime against humanity.”
  • “Any tour that doesn’t include Pat Perez and Phil Mickelson can’t be considered a serious tour.”
  • “Charles Howell III is the best player on the planet at this point.”
  • “LIV Golf Superstar Joaquin Niemann is going to win a Major Championship in 2023. The corrupt golf media will hate this.”
  • “Golf fans love how LIV has 3 tournaments hosted at Trump Golf Properties. The PGA Tour betrayed a lot of Americans when they turned their back on President Trump.”

GolfBogger Chief Financial Officer Charles Ponzi said “Using Truth to get out LIV’s message also will help with one of LIV’s principal goals: funneling money to the Trump organization.”

“It will also make the Golfbogger team richer. It is a symbiotic relationship. LIV pretty much proves the old adages that ‘everyone has a price’ and ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’,” Ponzi said. “We shamelessly admit that our souls are for sale.”

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