Golfworks’ Club Shield

Removing a shaft from a golf club heads involves applying a lot of heat to break the epoxy bond. Unfortunately, the same heat often can damage the club head — particularly metal woods. Now, Golfworks has developed a product to protect your clubheads from the heat. Golfworks writes:

The Club Shield is a safe, non-toxic spray gel that insulates and safeguards vital parts of a golf club during repairs and/or shaft removal when application of heat is required. The heat-resistant gel helps to preserve and protect painted finishes on metal woods, ferrules, graphite shaft finishes, putter inserts and/or any item that might be damaged by heat, and then is easily wiped away after the job is done.

“Almost every clubmaker has at some time experienced the frustration of accidentally damaging a painted metalwood or graphite shaft finish when applying heat during a club repair,” says Britt Lindsey, vice president of technical services for The GolfWorks. “The Club Shield is an all-new, inexpensive method to safely help protect key areas of the club when it’s necessary to apply heat for a particular repair or shaft replacement. We’re very excited to be able to offer this to clubmakers. It’s a completely new approach to safeguarding vital parts of the club during the repair process.”

The GolfWorks new Club Shield is available in 16-ounce spray-applicator bottles for $14.95. For more information on the Club Shield, call The GolfWorks at 800-848-8358.

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