Harbour Club Golf Course Review

Harbour Club Golf Course Review

Harbour Club Golf Course Review

Harbour Club Golf Course
Belleville, Michigan
Grade: E
Teacher’s Comments: If there was a grade lower than “E,” this course would get it.

Harbour Club is an appalling excuse for a golf course, with the worst conditions I have ever encountered. Any potential merits from a design point of view (and there are a few), are made completely irrelevant by Harbour Club’s maintenance. Throw in the routing of the first half of the course between rows of apartment buildings, and Harbour Club is a course to be avoided at all costs. There are thirty five golf courses in Wayne County. Play one of the others.

Harbour Club is a nine-hole affair stretching to 3, 281 yards and playing at a 35.3/123. The white tees are in at 3, 017 yards and play to a 34.6/121.

From a design point of view, Harbour Club is actually pretty good. The double-dogleg par five first is interesting. So too is the par five fourth, which begins with a carry over water and a marshy area, then makes a big sweeping downhill curve to the green. Four of the five par fours are interesting doglegs. The finishing par 4 ninth is a straight shot, but the approach is to the top of a hill.

But I just can’t get around the execrable conditions. This is a golf course layout without an actual golf course.

More photos below.

The Harbour Club Golf Course review was first published September 19, 2017 from an August 2017 playing.


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