Harry Vardon Cigarette Card

Harry Vardon Cigarette Card 1913
Harry Vardon Cigarette Card 1913. Click to embiggen.

This Harry Vardon cigarette card dates to 1913. I was struck by the extension on the swing and the way his hands are turning over.

I’m also amazed that those guys could swing in a jacket and tie.

From 1875 to World War II, cigarette manufacturers often included collectable cards in packs of cigarettes. In addition to serving as a purchase incentive, the cards stiffened the packs.

Card topics included sports, movie stars, landscapes, natures, military figures and uniforms and heraldry.

The practice ended during the WWII due to paper rationing, and never really recovered.

Some of the cards are quite valuable. A Honus Wagner cigarette card fetched nearly $3 million in 2007.

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