Hating The British Open

Now that its over, Detroit Free Press columnist Carlos Monarrez says that he “hates” the British Open.

This is golf. Or at least it’s supposed to be golf. Instead, we have to watch the best golfers in the world strike balls that land and roll another 50 yards on courses so rock-hard and dried-out they make I-94 look soft and supple. And I’m getting tired of it.

I’m tired of seeing so many pot bunkers in play it makes the course look like the face of an acne-riddled teenager.

I’m tired of the Brits calling it “the Open championship,” as if it were the only golf tournament with the name Open.

Carlos is in a really bad mood.

And I don’t agree with him. I think that the British—with its course conditions—has a great place in the Majors cycle. There’s Augusta with its perfectly manicured look, the US Open with the USGA’s tricked up conditions, the British with its back to nature look and the PGA that seems to me often is the most even handed of the bunch.

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