How Much To Play With Tiger?

How much would YOU pay to play with Tiger. In a Buick Open Charity auction, one person paid $30,100. For this, he will get to play with Woods at the 2004 Buick Open Pro-Am on July 28, or in the next Buick-sponsored tournamentin which he plays.

I can think of better things to do with thirty thousand dollars. A round with Tiger would only remind me of how pathetic my game is compared with the pros.

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1 thought on “How Much To Play With Tiger?”

  1. Absolutely. Can you imagine the intimidation? Not only of playing with Tiger and feeling like a self conscious donkey to his sleek thoroughbred, but from the hundreds following the group. People might well be tempted to let loose all the duffer/hacker comments that they normally don’t throw at the pro’s.

    Bit of a self-defeating ego trip really.


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