In The Mail: Lamkin Sonar Wrap

In The Mail: Lamkin Sonar Wrap
In The Mail: Lamkin Sonar Wrap

In the mail for testing recently are a set of Lamkin Sonar Wrap grips.

The Sonar is an all weather grip (helpful for places like Michigan where the weather is likely to change on a moment’s notice

  • Proprietary FINGERPRINT Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with light traction control.
  • Made with patent-pending GENESIS material that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability.
  • Progressive skive dimensions based on grip size provides improved feed and fit vs. traditional wrap-style grips.
  • Straighter reducer-taper profile with a slightly larger lower hand promotes lighter grip pressure for greater consistency and control.
  • Tacky and responsive feel.

Lamkin was the United States’ first manufacturer of golf grips. It was founded by Elver B. Lamkin in 1925 in Chicago. The company remains in the hands of the Lamkin family:. Robert J. Lamkin, representing the third generation of the company’s founder, became president and CEO in 2001. Their Crossline model is one of the best-known grips in the industry and adorns many manufacturers off-the-shelf clubs.

I’ll have a review later in the summer when I’m done testing them.

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