In The Mail: Sugar Golf Balls

Sugar Golf Balls

In The Mail: Sugar Golf Balls

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In the mail for review this week was a cube of Sugar golf balls.

Sugar is one of several companies competing in the “lost cost alternative to the ProV1 space” that Titleist has so helpfully left open with its $4-a-ball price point. As with others in the category, Sugar sells direct to consumer.

The Sugar ball is a 3-piece model with a urethane cover. Shipped sleeveless in cubic boxes of 27, a sugar “cube” is priced at $69. That works out to $2.50 each. Order two or more cubes and the price per ball falls to $2.37.

Sugar only sells one model. Fewer SKUs also means lower sunk costs.

Sugar’s internal testing with a robot says that the ball has a higher speed off the tee, as well as increased carry and overall distance over the Pro V1. The company also claims higher launch height with reduced spin rates.

My initial impression — based on one round — is that the Sugar golf balls have a bit more spin than a Vice Pro or Pro V1 – two balls I’ve been playing this year (I’ve found a LOT of Pro V1s in this early season). The Sugar golf ball climbs quite a bit faster off driver and irons and don’t roll out as much. When my ball flight looks like that, I know the spin rate is high. For me, that means some lost distance. On the other hand, a slightly higher spin may mean more stopping power around the greens.

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