In The Hole Book and CD Review

imageIn The Hole: Poetic Justice For Golf Fanatics CD and Book

Grade: B-
Teachers’ Comments: An amusing cd of golf poetry.

In The Hole: Poetic Justice For Golf Fanatics is an unusual product. A CD and booklet combination, it consists entirely of short poems about golf. There are ditties about practice, the first tee, warming up, holes-in-one, handicaps and more—indeed, fifty in all.

There isn’t anything deep here and the poems are not going to remind anyone of Tennyson—or even E.E. Cummings. But they do have a whimsical quality and remind me mostly of Dr. Seuss, as in this example:

They tell me that practice makes perfect
so I practice and practice each shot

And although I practice and practice
quite perfect is what I am not

The CD is quite professional, with quality voices, sound effects and music.The accompanying booklet is spare, and contains the words to all fo the readings.

It was an amusing hour of listening, but it really wasn’t my thing. There’s nothing wrong with it, except that I prefer to read my poetry. Never liked those poetry slams.

I couldn’t help thining that they missed their calling here. The poetry would have been so much better as the text of a picture book—a coffee table book, even. Cartoons, paintings, photographs, or a mix of media could have been used to accompany each bit of verse.

Maybe they’ll do one like that in the future.

In the meantime, this just might be a good gift for a golfer with a sense of humor. Even better: I think it would make a good prize at a social—and not quite so serious—golf outing.


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