In The Mail: An American Caddy In St. Andrews

An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course

I got this in the mail this week.

The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland is world-famous. The fairways. The greens. The pot-bunkers. The history. The caddies.

Oliver Horovitz, a twenty-six year old American, has been caddying for the past seven summers on the Old Course. In his coming-of-age memoir AN AMERICAN CADDIE IN ST. ANDREWS: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course (Gotham Books Hardcover, eBook, On Sale March 14, 2013) Horovitz worked his way up from outsider-trainee status to respected veteran caddie, along the way earning the acceptance of the seasoned St. Andrews caddies, while learning about himself, the Old Course, and of course, life.
Horovitz’s St. Andrews adventure begins with his “gap year” at University of St. Andrews, between New York City’s Stuyvesant High School and Harvard College—the same year that Prince William was also attending (ensuring that the female/male ratio stayed at a staggering 70/30). Oliver stays on for the summer and lands a spot as a trainee caddie, learning the ropes of the caddie shack at St. Andrews’ renowned Old Course. From training Model Caddies (beautiful University co-eds who have a lot to learn about the game) to dodging the gruff caddie master of the shack; from caddying for celebrities (such as Larry David, Huey Lewis, and Andy Garcia) to earning his status in the caddie inner circle and the respect of golfers on the links, AN AMERICAN CADDIE IN ST. ANDREWS brings together much that readers want in a well-told golf story: friendship, romance, hilarious coming-of-age adventures, and some valuable insider tips about playing the Old Course.

I’ll have a review in the coming weeks.

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