Iwon Protein Snacks Review

Iwon Protein Snacks Review
Iwon Organics Protein Snacks

Iwon Protein Snacks Review

Iwon Organics Protein Snacks
Grade: B+
Teacher’s Comments: Tasty, with a texture like Cheetos. High Protein Count.
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Iwon Organics makes a variety of organic snack foods with an emphasis on providing a higher protein content than usually found in the snack food aisle.

A serving has 10g protein, 5g fiber, 2g sugar, 20 g of carbs and 180 Calories. Ingredients include: Green Peas, Brown Rice Flour, Navy Beans, Brown Rice Protein, Sunflower Oil and a variety of seasonings. They are said to be gluten and soy free, non GMO, organic, Kosher and vegan.

Iwon Organics Spicy Sweet Peppers Protein Stix

The company sent a selection of protein stix and protein puffs in a variety of flavors, including mesquite, spicy sweet peppers, red pepper, sweet dijon, cheddar cheese, nutless butter and jelly, carmelized onion and Tapatio hot sauce.

I thought all of the flavors were good, with the exception of the nutless butter and jelly, which tasted as weird to me as it sounded. My favorite was the spicy sweet peppers flavor. It has a sort of creeping spice. At first, you think: “this isn’t very hot,” and a few seconds later it hits you.

I also really liked the the mesquite and dijon.

The cheddar cheese tasted quite a a bit like a Cheetos. Caramelized onion was sweeter than I thought it would be, but I liked it.

In terms of texture, the snacks are like a more robust Cheetos. The stix are like the crispy Cheetos, while the puffs are like the Cheetos puffs. If you like Cheetos, you’ll like these.

Iwon Organics Cheddar Cheese Protein Puffs

I appreciate Iwon’s higher protein approach, but there still are a few too many carbohydrates for my liking. I try to keep my daily carbohydrate count down to thirty or forty. A bag of these would get me more than halfway there.

Still, the Iwon Stix and Puffs definitely scratch a snacking itch at a higher-than-usual protein count.


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