John Daly May Join The European Tour

Various news sources are reporting that John Daly is threatening to join the European Tour.

“I’m probably going to play seven or eight more tournaments in the States and maybe six or seven over here,” said Daly, who hopes to return for the Wales Open in three weeks. “I’ll make a decision at the end of the year. I enjoy playing in Europe and I wouldn’t rule out joining the European Tour”

That’s just what we need: someone to reinforce the European stereotype of the “ugly American.” He’s bound to be a hit over there, in the same fashion as David Hasselhof and Jerry Lewis.

On a slightly different note it appears that Daly is out of sponsors. Former swing coach Butch Harmon recently said:

“John Daly called me on Thursday and said he had lost all of his endorsement contracts because of me and my statements and asked if I could print a retraction. I said,‘John, you lost your contracts because of you and not anyone else….you need to quit blaming everyone else….I wish you well and I hope you play well.”

Daly himself seems to confirm that:

“After what Butch said…my marketability went right down. I told him ‘you cost me quite a bit of money through the stuff that you said, I wish you would have called me then you could have got the facts straight.’”

He also appears to be in trouble with the Tour over the half-naked video he shot

“There are certain things about presentation that we must insist on,” Finchem said. “There are certain things about presentation that are not going to be tolerated. I think that the world changes and you make adjustments, but I think perhaps we need to be more direct in our comments to players about specific do’s and don’ts, and increase focus in that area to make sure that we have a level of professionalism going forward that we’re comfortable with.”.

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4 thoughts on “John Daly May Join The European Tour”

  1. Finchem is a joke.  Tiger ignores him, Phil ignores him, why should Daly or any other player pay any attention to what he says?

    Daly was pretty pathetic with his shirt and shoes off, but that is Big John.  Also, if he was drunk in that video, he was as lucid as most of the guys I play with when they are sober. 

    Daly does need to take some responsibility for his train wreck of a life, but he is hardly alone in blaming everyone else.  We have two candidates for president now which think that nobody is responsible for their own situation, and why should that not apply for the big fat alcoholic white guys too?

    I think it would be hilarious if JD can somehow strink together 30 good holes on a Friday and Saturday and end up winning one of the American tournaments this year. 

    I also wonder, what was Taylormade thinking when they signed him a couple years back?  They built a lot of the Maxfli brand around him, heck, he is the only player I know of with his silhouette on a box of major brand balls (Maxfli Powermax), and they built the whole Fire campaign around John, just to dump him a year later?

    Also, did he get dumped from Hooters too?  Surely not.

  2. Actually, I think the MaxFli story has several components. If you remember, TaylorMade sold MaxFli to Dick’s Sporting Goods when it decided to promote the TaylorMade balls exclusively. So if he lost hsi contract, it was in theh transition, or perhaps Dick’s decided to drop him.

  3. From what I know of chronic liver failure (which is remote), as a result of cirrosis, which is what happens when you kill your liver through alcoholism—I don’t think that there is some sort of attack, I think her liver was slowly dying for months or years.  Once she had started to damage her liver, the organ would slowly be less and less effective.  If her liver had fully failed, then she was on a countdown timer, and it may or may not have had complications from that last bottle- but her time was very, very short, only hours or days if it hadn’t been that minute.

    Given your nick, “How to Detox”- if it was chronic liver failure, nothing she did in the last months I think would change the inevitable except a liver transplant.

    It is certainly hard to imagine what you are going through, but you need to avoid blaming yourself.  She was more than knowledgable about what she was doing to herself, and she was more aware of her avenues for assistance than most.  But it was her decision to drink regardless of your encouragement not to.  My brother is an druggie and alcoholic who has been sober for 19 years, and he was forced into treatment by my parents (well not exactly, it was the street or treatment, but he had to sign himself in being 18)- we could help, but his sobriety all depended on his desire and willingness.  He is one of the few strong enough in his will and his faith in Christ to make it through, (plus I think he was more habitual than physically addicted) – my family has been witness to so many other families since that time watching their teen and twentysomething (and now in their thirties too) children continue to their deaths regardless of how much effort and love those families put into it- much of the time it seems like so much more than my family had to invest to have a healthy brother- so much of the time to no avail because the druggie doesn’t have the strength and desire and Christ.


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