John Daly’s Swing

He’s lost a whole human in weight, but his swing is still amazing.

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2 thoughts on “John Daly’s Swing”

  1. A bunch of the cranky guys on’s weekly Monday-morning “Confidential” article complained about the coverage still given to JD. I fully disagree. He’s still more interesting to me than a lot of guys on Tour, mainly because I know his life story so well.

    It’s so hard to tell apart so many of the guys on Tour. Apart from the very best guys whose play sets them apart, there’s not a lot of difference between the guy that’s number 40 on the money list, and number 115.

    Maybe a lot of the mid-tier guys make enough money from sponsors and earnings that they don’t have a further interest in “building their brand.” And I understand that, and respect it.

    But for the player that’s looking to be more well-known (and thus earn more sponsor money), they really need to show more of their life story. Get active in Twitter/blogging/personal website. Perhaps have some tech guy record a 10-minute video at each Tour stop and then upload that video to your website. Have memorable interviews.

    Even though I passively watched the entire tourney yesterday afternoon, I can’t remember the last name of the guy that lost in the playoff. But I can remember the excitement that I felt on Saturday when I saw that JD was near the lead.


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