Kickstarters For Golfers – May 15, 2018

Kickstarters For Golfers – May 15, 2018: New crowdfunding golf projects this week include a putter mounted golf divot tool, a ball dispensing shag bag, an indoor putting target and a ball retrieving robot.


Kickstarters For Golfers

Putter Mounted Golf Divot Tool and Ball Marker

The Pitch: The gadget attaches to your putter shaft, making the divot tool and ball marker easily accessible.
Why I Might Be Interested: Getting stuck in the leg by a divot tool stored in a pocket is no fun.
Why I’m Holding Back: Switchblade style divot tools have already solved the problem.

Quick Shot Golf Ball Retriever and Dispenser

The Pitch: The Quick Shot is a shag bag that dispenses balls.
Why I Might Be Interested: I can see how this would be useful for practice around the greens.
Why I’m Holding Back: I’m used to tossing a few balls on the ground and playing from there.

The Benson Indoor Putting Green

The Pitch: Unlike most putter targets, putts to The Benson can be made from any direction and distance. A phone app is promised.
Why I Might Be Interested: I like the 350 degree nature of the target.
Why I’m Holding Back: It is expensive at around $120

G Bot: Open Source Golf Ball Retrieving Robot

The Pitch: It is designed to autonomously seek and pick up golf balls.
Why I Might Be Interested: Robots! How can you not like robots?
Why I’m Holding Back: I have not idea what I would do with it. But I think it might be good for a small scale practice area.

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