Know Any Good Courses In Knoxville Area?

As the snow continues to pound down on Michigan tonight, I am further resolved to escape next week to warmer climes. I think I can get from Ann Arbor to Knoxville, Tennessee in about seven hours—that’s a good day’s drive. Can someone recommend a couple of good public courses in the area?

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1 thought on “Know Any Good Courses In Knoxville Area?”

  1. Blogger-
    Being so far away from Knoxville, I can’t really help you too much.  I would recommend that you try a Bear Trace course, but it is probably another hour or so from Knoxville to the closest one (check

    In Gatlinburg, I have been on two courses: Bent Creek
    and Gatlinburg Muni
    The Gatlinburg Municipal is of course located in Pidgeon Forge, not Gatlinburg – and it is outstanding.  Bent Creek is a little rough, but a fun challenging mountain course; of the two Gatlinburg is in 10x better shape and conditions when I played last.


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