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KT Tape
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Teachers’ Comments: It works for me.

I first became aware of KT Tape when I spotted pink and blue stripes on Michele Wie while watching a televised LPGA Tournament. Then I noticed other players with spotted and flowered strips. My first thought was that the strips were some sort of weird fashion statement. So I asked Mrs. GolfBlogger.

“That’s KT Tape,” she said, and explained that it was used as therapy for strained muscles.

Recently, I was sent a roll of KT Tape for review. The roll consists of twenty strips of elastic cloth, with a strong adhesive on one side. Each of the strips is two inches wide and 18 inches long. Interestingly, the tape is said to have the same elasticity as human skin.

The theory behind the tape is that, properly placed, it supports strained muscles, joints and tendons like a brace, but without restricting motion.

It sounded good. All I had to do was to wait for the inevitable back trouble.

My lower back went out in a typical fashion: I was simply standing up from a chair, and for no apparent reason, there was a sharp pain in the lower back; my knees buckled. This often is the prelude to a week or more of limping around, and a sojourn from golf.

This time, however, I had a plan. Using video instructions on the KT Tape site, I had Mrs. GolfBlogger apply the tape to the lower back. Application is a matter of stretching the strip to its fullest extent, backing off to 80% and then sticking it on. Mrs. GolfBlogger applied two strips.

I will spare you the horror of seeing a photo of my shirtless back. You’re welcome.

After the KT Tape application, I felt better almost instantly. The rest of that afternoon I took it easy, but then walked a round the next day. Only the most minor main persisted; I was able to walk and swing with no issues.

In all, I wore the tape for about four days. It held up well through daily activities and showers. It was a little painful — like a giant band-aid — when I pulled it off, but that’s a minor thing when I think of the days — perhaps weeks — of back pain it seemed to stave off.

Once the KT Tape was off, the back pain did not return. Two weeks later, I’m still in good shape — but ready to reapply the tape at the slightest twinge.

I’m a believer, and stand ready with KT Tape on hand in case of recurrence.

But … here are the cautions with which I write any review of this nature:

First, that this reflects only my own experiences. What works for me may not work for you.

Second, that there is no way for me to tell whether it was the tape that ended the back pains, or whether they went away on their own. While the sharp pain and buckling knees are usually signs of impending doom, they are not always. If I had not used the KT Tape, it is possible that I still would have been okay.

And finally, there’s the usual consult your doctor, etc. contingency.

You can get it on Amazon:

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