Levitt Retires From Competitive Golf

Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics, is one of my favorite writers.  As someone trained in economics, I find his work inspiring. His blog at the New York Times, written with Stephen Dubner, is one of the few that I read on a daily basis.

What Levitt does is use the basic principles of economics to explain the way the world works. His answers are sometimes astonishing, for his mind works in some very surprising and original ways. In the book, he attempts to answer such questions as “How much money do drug dealers really make?”, “Are Sumo wresting matches fixed?” and “Do parenting methods matter?”

At any rate, one of his latest posts talks about his golf game, and how he retiring from competition. There’s also an interesting side link on why people get good at things—such as sports.

I highly recommend both the book, and the blog—not just to economists, but also to anyone who wants to understand how the world works.

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