Lexi Thompson Rolls The Calendar Back To 1904


To celebrate the return of golf to the Olympics, LPGA star Lexi Thompson recently completed a photo shoot reproducing the clothing and equipment of a woman golfer in 1904.

Lexi donned double layers of wool, and wielded clubs with hickory shafts. The experience made her appreciate her modern day gear as the 2016 season kicks off in the Bahamas this weekend.

“I don’t know how they played golf in those outfits, especially if it was hot out,” said Thompson to RedBull.com. “I was wearing at least two layers on top and bottom, and a jacket on top, which was very restrictive on the back.”

On the clubs, she had this to say:

“I took a swing with a very old club and it’s made of totally different material. It was made of wood back then and now it’s graphite. I don’t know how my swing would have done with those clubs back then.”

Watch the video below and see more here. For a brief history and photos of one of golf’s earliest woman superstars, Alexa Stirling, click here.

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