Louisville Golf Hy Lofters Hybrid

Louisville Golf continues its tradition of putting a modern face on classic persimmon woods with its Hy Lofters Hybrid. Louisville says the clubs:

combine both fairway wood and iron design into one solid utility club. It is the first hybrid club manufactured out of Persimmon wood. Persimmon is known for feel and accuracy, a premium for this category of clubs that replace the lower, harder-to-hit irons. The Hy-Lofters, offered in three lofts (21, 24, 27), incorporate a heavy Brass soleplate which greatly lowers the center of gravity, resulting in quick, high launches for soft-landing approaches. They are effective from both the fairway and off the tee as an alternative to the driver as an accuracy option.

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2 thoughts on “Louisville Golf Hy Lofters Hybrid”

  1. I’ve rebuilt several persimmon clubs, and often carry a persimmon 4-wood. I’ve been looking at getting a couple of hybrids, and these may just fit the bill.

    I still hit my persimmon driver as far as the titanium one, I just can’t break myself of the urge for more technology!

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