Low Spin Rate On Callaway X-Hot

Callaway X Hot Driver

I stopped by my local Dicks Sporting Goods the other day to browse the club selection and the golf clerk asked if I wanted to tray a few on their simulator (I didn’t know that location had a simulator.) Over the next forty minutes, I tried the Cobra Amp Cel, Nike Covert, Callaway RAZR Fit and the Callaway X Hot. They did not have a TaylorMade R1 for testing.

The result surprised me. The club with the lowest average spin rate and longest average distance was the Callaway X-Hot, regular shaft. On the simulator, it was fully fifteen yards longer than what I know I get with my current stick. But that’s the simulator. I’ve always had the suspicion that those things are set up to produce better results to move clubs (not just at Dick’s—at all of them).

The simulator also made me realize (again) that a great deal of my problem is that I’m hitting down on the ball with the driver. Good for irons. Not so good for the driver.

I’ll wait another week and then go for another testing session before making a move. And I’d really like to get some numbers on the TaylorMade.

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1 thought on “Low Spin Rate On Callaway X-Hot”

  1. Golfsmith let me take my driver in to get a true comparison.  Dicks probably would let you as well. 

    In addition to trying the AMP Cell, try the Cobra ZL Encore.  For me, it was lower spinning and better distance than the AMP Cell. 

    I am still adapting to the new ZL Encore.  I am not getting the distance that I was last year out of my SuperBurner – but my Fairways stats are climbing.  My club manager played with me and noticed I was too far away from the ball, and I am working on my stance (I was hitting every drive solid and straight on the range, but couldn’t take it to the course.  The mat was restricting how far I could be from the ball, but once on the course, I have been stretching it out unconsiously)

    Yesterday in a scramble, I believe we used my drive 12 of the 14 times.  Long drive was about 260 off an elevated tee, with the ball carrying about 250 of that (2 of the 3 days before was rain, there was no significant roll) – average drive was just over 200, all carry.  There were way too many times that the ball was sitting within a flagstick of the ball mark.


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