LPGA Gets New Logo

The LPGA has a new logo.


It’s true that the old one was getting a bit dated.


But I don’t think its exactly original. The colors remind me a bit of Greg Norman’s Shark logo:


Green on the left; blue in the middle and red (pink) on the right.  The swooshing lines that form the golfer look familiar, too, but I can’t quite place them. At first I thought that it looked a bit like the Jim Hardy Plane Truth logo


But that’s not it. Still, I’m absolutely certain that I’ve seen a swinging golfer drawn with very similar lines on another company’s logo.

It’s going to bug me until I figure out where I’ve seen that before.

3 thoughts on “LPGA Gets New Logo”

  1. Hmm. Bad logo I think.  It put me in the mind of the Nicklaus logo for some reason, but I don’t know why.

    But the reason I think it is bad, is that the red line and the pretty short left leg front line make the golfer look stocky, and as much as an abstract logo can, it makes the golfer look a little fat.  For such an abstract logo, why would you put the not-so-little ass bump on the yellow line.  Why would that not be just as abstract as the rest?  I would think that the proper look should be that the yellow (back) line is bent in the same curve as the red line, and not have any ass-bump to it.  Even Natalie and Lorena’s cute butts are not visible at the completion of their swings.

  2. If Korean Ladies are going to be winning & leading the LPGA,you are going to ruin it for all of us watching that want to see our own ladies winning. Who sponsors the tournaments? the American Companys not Korean & I suppose they take their winnings back to Korea not leaving the money where it came from in America.
    Sorry about this comment but I am not the only one who thinks the sameway.
    Thanks for listening


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