LPGA Plans Summit On Teen Professionals

Faced with four teenaged professionals—and possibly more to come—LPGA Tour Commissioner Carolyn Bivens has convened the commissioners of other major sports to figure out how to deal with teen pros and to make sure they are ready for professional life.

The others invited include David Stern (NBA), Gary Bettman (NHL), Don Garber (MLS), Bivens and Larry Scott, chairman and CEO of the WTA Tour.

This is forward thinking, because it’s inevitable that more teens will press forward into the professional ranks. And I envision more lawsuits charging that professional sports leagues are denying teens an opportunity to make money. My understanding is that right now, it’s the collective bargaining agreements that are keeping the teens away in the NBA, NHL and NFL. But I wonder how that applies to voluntary associations like the PGA and LPGA.

Perhaps some lawyers out there can give us a better understanding of the situation.

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