Maggert Suggests Some FedEx Cup Tweaks

Jeff Maggert has some suggestions for improving the FedEx Cup format:

“I’d like to see Tiger play all four tournaments,” Maggert said. “I’m sorry he’s not here. … I’d like to see some type of criteria or rule that if you pull out of a tournament, you’re pulling out of the playoffs.

“Another thing I would like to see the last tournament, maybe everyone starting equally, because then you eliminate the fact that a guy could win the first three tournaments and the last tournament means nothing.”

Interestingly, he is pretty much saying the same thing that Sabbatini said earlier—that the Tour players are unhappy that Tiger decided to sit out the first round because he was “tired.” Maggert, however, doesn’t have a history of saying things about Tiger, so he won’t get the same kind of flack.

1 thought on “Maggert Suggests Some FedEx Cup Tweaks”

  1. Did anyone else think that Tiger sitting out actually made this Saturday and Sunday a little more interesting? 

    I actually think that Tiger should be able to have a buy week or two, along with the top five or so.  Then it should be a couple weeks before the next round, and then play a matchplay bracket format to get to the top 20 or so players and then have a final championship stroke play tourney


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