Man Awarded $2 Million For Defective Club Injury

A Colorady jury has awarded a man $2 million for injuries he sustained when a pitching wedge came apart while his son was swinging it.

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2 thoughts on “Man Awarded $2 Million For Defective Club Injury”

  1. My husband and son were golfing when my sons
    club a king cobra 55 degree angle club snapped in
    his hand slicing open his finger.  The clubs are
    only four years old.  My husband said he has never seen a club do that.  As you can imagine
    their golf outing was over early that day.
    Doe anyone know will Cobra replace this club and reimburse them for the round missed?
    I tried the customer service number …it is sunday and noone is there.  thanks for any help you can provide me..  Have a great day!

  2. I know that most of the major manufacturers will replace any club that is broken but that has not been abused. They can tell if it was smashed against at tree, for example (there is a characteristic break in the shaft from that one).

    I have sent back clubs for even a slight cosmetic problem (a metallic logo fell off) and they sent a new one immediately.


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