Golf Or Sex?

Golf For Women Magazine and Golf Digest got out the speculum and the rubber glove and took a close look at the inner female and male golfer.  The results of their survey on gender attitudes toward golf will be published in the March Golf Digest, but you can read it online here.

There were a lot of interesting questions. For example, nearly a quarter of both men and women said there are not situations under which they would prefer to play with a member of the opposite sex.

Only 14% of men prefered to play with their spouse of significant other. Forty percent of women would.

But the question that’s going to make all the headlines was whether golfers would be willing to give up sex for a year for a round at Augusta.

The results: 31% of men, and 32% of women surveyed would.

I’ll bet the rate is much higher for married golfers.  And I’ll bet its nearly 100% among married golfers with kids. (And if you are—or can remember being—married with small kids, you know what I mean.)

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