Marilyn Monroe Plays Golf

Marilyn Monroe taking golf instructions

I ran across this photo of Marilyn Monroe taking golf lessons while on the set of The River of No Return.

The River of No Return (1954) is a western co-starring Robert Mitchum and Monroe. It was directed by Otto Preminger. It is quite a good movie, actually. There is no golf in it, of course, but I’m a big fan of westerns.

The theme song is also quite good. For the credits, the tune is sung by the legendary Tennessee Ernie Ford.

There is a river called the river of no return
Sometimes it’s peaceful and sometimes wild and free!
Love is a traveler on the river of no return
Swept on forever to be lost in the stormy sea

However, in the movie, the song also is sung by Monroe in a bar scene.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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