3 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Walk”

  1. I love walking!  And, I’ll do it whenever I can.  In fact, this last Saturday it was a round in the rain on foot.

    I definitely agree with walking resulting in better scores as my best scores have been on foot.  And forget about golf getting me into shape, I’m actually motivated to stay in shape so I can golf better!

    Finally, when I’m feeling sorry for myself after a bad round, I can always have a Big Mac/slice of cheesecake/giant chocolate bar/insert your favorite here and not worry about the calories so much since I just walked at least 5 miles I wouldn’t have. smile

  2. One other aspect which you don’t mention, which is true for me – in addition to saving $15 on the cart, I generally save in golfballs, either the time required to find them, or in lost balls. 

    My vision is good for about 180 or so in good conditions, but I almost always know how the ball left the club and tracked.  By walking I can go straight to that ball and find it more easily.  By going to my partner’s ball, finding that one, and then trying to find mine, there is time there.

    That might have been more relevant for me in the past though, for the last 5.5 rounds, I am still playing the 3rd ball.

  3. I could not agree with you more about the benefits of walking when playing golf. I only use a golf cart when conditions dictate e.g. it’s 100 degrees and I’ve already played 18 holes. You’re an excellent writer and I’d be interested in collaborating with you as I write occasionally for examiner.com (see above link). Your comments on dumb golf are well taken. I play on the local public courses here in New York and am consistently astounded at the lack of basic golfing knowledge on display. There is a real need to improve the baseline knowledge of beginners to help increase their enjoyment of the game through lowering their scores, speed up their play through better golfing etiquette and improve the condition of public courses by making beginners aware of their responsiblity to repair pitchmarks, replace divots and rake bunkers.

    Thanks for your excellent blog, keep you the good work.



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