Mysterious Package From Mizuno

mizuno-1-1040369I received a mysterious wood box from Mizuno today. My first thought was that they had sent a container of some new Mizuno golf ball (yes, Mizuno makes golf balls) I receive golf balls for testing on a semi-regular basis. In fact, many years back, the first item I received from a manufacturer was a prototype MaxFli golf ball.

The side of the box read JPX 900. Since Mizuno uses the same numbering system for Irons and woods, etc, I thought these would be matching balls.

mizuno-2-1040368I slid the top off to find a clubhead cover. Ok, I thought. That’s a little strange. But maybe the box is full of literature on their new club line. I have received elaborately packaged public relations materials before. I knew that Mizuno had a new driver out this fall.

Removing the clubhead cover revealed a bag. And in the bag was this:mizuno-5-1040374

A new Mizuno JPX 900 Driver head.

Just the head. I hefted it to make sure it wasn’t a plastic dummy. It was real.

Ok, I thought. Not a problem. I have made and repaired many dozens of clubs in my time. I’ll order an appropriate shaft, glue it in and test it out.

That’s when I noticed the note telling me that I should call to get the proper shaft. That’s good, I thought. I can just glue that one in. Closer inspection, however, revealed that the inside of the hosel has threads. The shaft, therefore, must be a screw-in.

Needless to say, I’m really excited about the chance to test this driver. I have long admired the Mizuno clubs in the hands of the better players on the course. I always thought that one day … when I was good enough … I’d look into some Mizuno clubs. Now it seems that Mizuno itself has decided that I am at least good enough for their drivers.

Here’s some preliminary manufacturer’s info on the Mizuno JPX 900 driver:

  • NEW Infinite Fast Track: uses a pair of eight-gram adjustable weights on an unbounded track, yielding unlimited settings to precisely dial in spin and vertical launch parameters.
  • Toe and Heel Fast Track: ports for ability to modify horizontal displacement and trajectory
  • Visual Face Angle Adjustor (VFA): Adjustable weight plate to tune desired face angle orientation, for a confidence inspiring appearance at address
  • Quick Switch Adaptor: +/- 2 degrees of loft adjustability.
  • NEW CORTECH Face: five grams lighter than the JPX850, the new face provides even faster ball speeds on center hits while freeing up discretionary weight and expanding the COR area to offer more forgiveness and ball speed retention on off-center hits.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: for the purest feel and sound.
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