Mysterious Chocolate Golf Ball

chocolate golf ball (1 of 1)

I get a lot of different things at GolfBlogger—mostly books, but also golf gear, clothing and training gadgets. They always come with a nice letter from the PR firm or proprietor, telling me about the product and asking for a review, good or otherwise. Yesterday, however, I got a small box containing a chocolate golf ball. No letter. No company name. Not even a return address label that would tell me anything. At first, I thought it a promotion from The Chocolate Den in Traverse City. But it’s got a tag which says “Old. New. Near. Perfect. Watch your mail …” That makes me think it’s not about the chocolate, and that more is on the way.

Update: The Chocolate Golf ball was delicious. Nice and creamy, very chocolate, but not too sweet. We spend some time in the Traverse City area each summer. I just might make the Chocolate Den a stop.

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