National Golf Foundation Endorses GolfBlogger

A recent National Golf Foundation report included an infographic that points to GolfBlogger as the face of golf blogging.

NGF did this entirely on their own. They didn’t ask my permission to use the logo (I would gladly have given it), and didn’t even bother to tell me about it after the fact. It only came to my attention when one of my loyal readers asked whether I was aware of their use of my logo.

Nonetheless, I’m happy to have their endorsement.

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2 thoughts on “National Golf Foundation Endorses GolfBlogger”

  1. NGF surveys and reports are read by many people.  Congrats on the permission-less inclusion into one of their reports!  Hopefully it generates some more readers.  Also helps that your site’s name is GolfBlogger.  That’s as to-the-point as it gets.  Keep up the good work.


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