New Coach For Tiger

The whole self-help thing obviously isn’t working, so Tiger has found a new coach. The PGA Tour reports that he’s been seen working with Sean Foley, a Canadian swing coach who also works with Hunter Mahan, Sean O’Hair and Stephen Ames.

If I were Foley, I would avoid that situation like the plague.

2 thoughts on “New Coach For Tiger”

  1. I am somewhat with you in terms of avoiding the Tiger Woods situation as his coach.  Constant media attention and a tough customer to boot.  The one thing you could say in favor of the move is that it’s the ultimate resume builder for a golf coach.  Undoubtedly, if you’ve been Tiger’s swing coach, you will have cachet in the business for life.  Whether it’s worth the headache remains to be seen, but I’m sure a young coach like Foley is at least intrigued by the idea of putting his career on the map with this teaching position.


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