New Years Thoughts

I know that nobody wants to read my New Years’ goals, but I’m going to publish them anyway. At least the golf related ones. Last year, I worked to improve my golf handicap by playing smarter—and it worked. I went from a 18 to a 15. This year, I will:

1) Improve my handicap by losing fifteen pounds. Here’s the theory: with fifteen less pounds around my middle, I’ll be more flexible. More flexibilty equates to a longer golf swing and more distance off the tee. Also, I’ll be less tired carrying that extra fifteen around the course. How I’ll go about it is the question. I’ve had some success in the past with the Adkins diet, but have become concerned about the possible health effects of the extreme version of that diet. There are a couple of other low carb diets that I think I could go to. My other thought is that I’ll try one that just reduces the calories. There’s another benefit to reducing the calories: some studies have shown that reducing calories increases lifespan (quite apart from the weight related problems). That’ll mean more time on this planet for golf.

2) Improve my handicap by increasing my strength. My golf club has a weight and exercise room. This year, I resolve to use it. The club’s resident physical training guru (a professional physical therapist who happens to belong to the club) has suggested a series of exercises on the machines that are designed to strengthen the long muscles without building mass. Mostly, it involves lots of reps. Long, strong muscles should improve the distance that my golf shot carries.

3) Improve my golf handicap by getting rid of my “chicken wing.” As I’ve mentioned many times before, my golf swing is hampered by a left elbow that flies out at impact. I’m going to start practicing with a club cover under my arm. I’m still looking for a gadget to help, though.

4) Improve my golf handicap by practicing the short game. Like every other mid-handicapper, I know that the fastest way to improvement is the short game. This year, I resolve to do something about it. I’ll probably need more gadgets and gizmos.  wink

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