Nike RZN Platinum Golf Balls

Nike Golf RZN Platinum Golf Balls

Nike’s new 2014 line of RZN golf balls feature four different levels of performance in four different balls.

The Nike RZN Platinum offers tour performance and mid-spin control for players with higher-moderate swing speeds. The RZN in the balls stands for “resin,” which is the ball’s core material. The core lis 10% lighter than conventional cores, and thus offers more possibilities with perimeter weighting for more stable ball flight. Nike’s Speedlock Technology is designed to offer more energy between layers for faster ball speed and longer distance. A soft top coating increases greenside spin and control.

“Different golfers have different needs when it comes to the ball they should be playing,” says Mike Pai, Global Product Director, Golf Balls & Bags. “There’s a RZN for everybody – whether you’re a beginner or have been playing the sport your whole life, the RZN Recommender is a great tool that utilizes a strategic, streamlined approach to make sure you have the right ball in your bag, and help you understand why it will help your golf game.”

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