Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons

Nike VRS Covert Irons photo NIkeVRSCovertIrons_zps4b5624b1.jpg

Nike Golf Men’s VRS Covert 2.0 Cast Golf Irons Set

Nike’s 2014 edition of the Covert Irons feature a re-engineered face with NexCOR technology and a cavity back design for faster ball speeds.

NexCOR Face Technology is designed to maximize distance for the widest range of players through a variable face thickness design. The location of the NexCOR technology differs from club to club.

“In setting out to create the fastest and hottest face, we know that consumers don’t hit it in the same spot on the face every time,” said Tom Stites, Director of Club Creation for Nike Golf.  “We conducted impact studies and were able to “map” where consumers hit the ball on the face at impact on every club.  Based on those results, we are able to move this NexCOR technology around on the face. The location of NexCOR on the face differs on every club. Not every face is identical.”

The cavity back does what exactly what golfers have come to know and expect at this point: lower, deeper center of gravity and strongn perimeter weighting.

Other Features:
– Eight-piece set: #4-iron through A-wedge
– X3X groove technology features grooves that are close together and deeper on the clubface for maximum spin and ball flight
– Progressive sole design for an optimum look at address and performance through the turf
– Nike Tour Wrap 2G grip for great feel and control
– True Temper Dynalite 105 steel shaft for lightweight strength

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