Obama Breaks New Ground In Slow Golf Play

ABC’s Jake Tapper reports on Obama’s Hawaiian vacation golf outing:

The president started his day as he has nearly every day this vacation with an early morning workout at the Marine Corps Base close to his Kailua rental home.

Afterward the president played another round of golf at Luana Hills country club in Kailua. His golfing companions were friends from Hawaii and Chicago, Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Marty Nesbitt.

The president did not get in 18 holes today, due to darkness setting in at sunset, although the group played for over five hours.

Five hours and he didn’t finish? I doubt very seriously whether he was held up by the throngs of hackers that congest munis. He’s playing at a country club for heaven’s sake. If the trend on previous golf outings held, the Secret Service even cleared people out of the holes immediately in front and behind the presidential group.

Of course, the Bushs with their “speed golf” didn’t set a much better example. But all in all, much better to have fast bad golf than slow bad golf.

Nor Clinton with his cheating.

Makes me long for Eisenhower.

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1 thought on “Obama Breaks New Ground In Slow Golf Play”

  1. Yesterday we went out as a sixsome at noon.  After 7, we had a dropout for injury.  We finished as a fivesome at 3:50 for the 18, and that included waiting on the threesome in front of us on every shot on 15, 16, 17, 18.

    Its a good thing the president wasn’t out there, he might have been hit into – my group doesn’t think much of him, and if he was a slow golfer in front of us, he would really be hated.


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