October 26 Round At Green Oaks, Ypsilanti, Michigan

October 26 Round At Green Oaks, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Green Oaks Golf Course, Ypsilanti, Michigan, October 26, 2017

Pleasant temperatures have held here in Michigan throughout most of the fall. Unfortunately, southeast Michigan also has had more rain than usual. As of this writing, we’ve had 1.8 inches of rain, while the average for the month is 1.15 inches. It somehow seems worse than that.

Nevertheless, Thursday was a glorious day, with temperatures in the mid-50s and clear blue skies. In Michigan, that’s still shirtsleeves weather, and for many, no reason to abandon the shorts

After work, I stopped by for a a round at my home course — Green Oaks in Ypsilanti — and just managed to squeeze in all eighteen before sunset.

I ran into a bit of a traffic jam at the turn, so I skipped ahead to the thirteenth, finished out, then looped back to ten. Thus, twelve was my eighteenth of the day.

Playing the twelfth at Green Oaks just before sunset.

Weather forecasts suggest that snow will be here next week, so I’m glad I was able to get out when I did.

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