Odds To Win The Ryder Cup 2012

Here are the latest betting odds to win the Ryder Cup from the online betting site Bovada:

USA: -140
Europe: +120

The US, in these odds, is the favored team. It requires a bet of $140 to win $100. Conversely, a bet of $100 on the European team returns $120

In percentage terms, the US has been given a 58% chance to win. The Europeans have been given a 45% chance to win.

Sportsbook.Com has the odds at

USA: -130 (56%)
Europe: +140 (43%)

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1 thought on “Odds To Win The Ryder Cup 2012”

  1. I think the odds are fair enough. With the USA having the home ground advantage gives them the edge. Both teams have the majority of players in form so there’s little between them.

    I think the USA will probably win by around 1 point or thereabouts, there won’t be much in it.


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