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One Day One Shot is the creation of Patrick Micheletti, who lives near Paris, France. Although he works as a software engineer for Air-France, I think his real talent in life must be as a photographer. The One Day Shot photo blog has some of the best golf photos I have ever seen.

Patrick writes:

The theme of this photoblog called “one day one shot” is EXCLUSIVELY focusing on Golf,  and mainly on professional golf players. You may see some swings action, not much, some beautiful holes, but essentially portraits of golfers, trying to capture a special moment, or an interesting expression on their faces. The objective is to post one new golf shot each day, if possible a good shot, not always easy, but very funny challenge.

Just a technical precision about the quality of the pictures : The pictures of the years 2002 to 2005 were taken only with a little (but good) Bridge OLYMPUS C2100Z, the quality is not as good as my recent pictures (EOS 20D)  but I keep some of them, like a kind of “historic documents”, it is just sentimental,  all photographers do that…

Now from mid 2005 year, I work with a Canon reflex EOS 20D, and many very good Canon lenses,  So technically, the result is clearly better, and I hope it will be
better and better in the future… I hope so…

What I like most about his photos is that he has lots of closeups of the players, catching them with very real expressions and at very candid moments.

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