PerfectView Golf Bag Video Recording Mount

PerfectView Golf Bag Video Recording Mount

I have tried a variety solutions for the problem of balancing a camera on a golf bag. My best solution thus far is using a Joby tripod to wrap around the handle of my push cart. The PerfectView is another seemingly good idea. It’s expensive though …


  • Perfectview golf bag mount is ready to video your swing at a moment’s notice and GolfCamHD, a voice controlled motion analysis android app, is ready to catalog your swing – just say “record”.
  • PerfectView will easily and securely mount virtually any mobile device. GolfCamHD runs on Android, today. Use any Bluetooth device to manage the app using only your voice. We will include a Plantronics, Jabra or similar quality device in the box.
  • When you buy a PerfectView mount, we provide everything you need, period. Our components are crafted to our specifications. See our site for details. Be wary of cheap, steel, welded, painted, lower quality wanna-be’s on the market. They’re out there!
  • The PerfectView box includes: A download code for GolfCamHD in the Google Play Store, Bluetooth Head Set the GCHD Professional Device Adapter Package that includes an iStabilizer smartMount, iStabilizer tabMount, Giottos Professional Mini-Ball Head, 12″ Heavy Duty Vinyl-Covered Flex Arm, 3D Laser-Printed Bag Adapter and the base Carbon Fiber Monopod with Counter-Balance.
  • The PerfectView works with virtually all golf bags and also carries a lifetime warranty. If you break it, we’ll fix it.
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